PR program offers skills, friendships

By Laura SiStory-Arts-Centre-Wordmark-Orangenclair

Before coming to Centennial College for the corporate communications and public relations program, I had no idea what to expect. I remember hearing rumours about the difficult work load, the large amount of group work and how important time management skills would be. I was scared that I would be in over my head with all of the work that I had to do on top of my long commute to Centennial everyday.

Although all of the rumours were true — the group work, the tough work load, some late nights and early mornings — the experience so far at Centennial has been rewarding, exciting and incredibly valuable. I have met so many different kinds of people that all bring different skillsets to the table. I have learned so many helpful techniques and tips from my professors that will help me grow as a PR professional and as a person. From writing news releases, to working on business and social media plans, to creating a successful event with no budget, this program has taught me a lot about the world of PR and about myself. In the past four months, I have learned not only how to capitalize on my strengths, but how to improve on my weaknesses.

The wide variety of assignments allowed me to practice and perfect my writing, presentation and teamwork skills. I was able to collaborate with other like-minded future PR professionals to create successful and rewarding projects and presentations, like my group’s event at the Gladstone Hotel.

The best part about all the work that we did was that the assignments never felt taxing, or daunting to complete. They were always interesting and I felt motivated to tackle and finish them to the best of my ability, because I knew that they would be the type of assignments and tasks that I would have to complete in the future.

The corporate communications and public relations program at Centennial College was one of the best decisions that I made after completing my university degree. Now, I have experience, an endless list of professional contacts and friendships that I never would have had had I decided not to complete the program.

This program has provided me with a feeling of accomplishment, success and purpose. The unforgettable memories, friends, and the valuable skills that I acquired made all of the time, effort, late nights and hard work put in every day worthwhile.



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