A Pickering Learning Site Semester in Review

HSDR 1By Ayelen Barrios Ruiz Pagano

I personally came to Public Relations and Corporate Communications program after a long soul searching journey. I knew I needed to find a career that would pay my bills, but I also knew I needed to find something that I enjoyed doing. I did not want to sit behind a cubicle and feel my creativity die day by day.

I am a creative soul. I grew up loving the arts. I majored in English and in Hispanic Studies in university. I love story-telling. I love how an author can manipulate words to make you feel every emotion all in a series of pages.  I couldn’t lose that, without losing myself. But as I started to really hone down on my potential job interests (and what I was qualified for) I was disappointed in my options.

I found myself looking at public relations and corporate communication positions, but I was missing something. I was missing this program. So here I am.

I started this program with 10 strangers. I now have 10 best friends. I have 10 people who I can lean on when the program gets tough, 10 people who can lean on me if they don’t understand an assignment or a concept. I have 10 contacts when I go out in the real world. 10 people who believe in all the work I have accomplished so far. 10 people who believe in me.

This program has taught me a lot about public relations, it has taught me a lot about teamwork, it has taught me a lot about working in a group (which I didn’t realize was different from teamwork until this program), it has taught me a lot about the role of a communicator.

This past semester has taught me that this is an exciting field that treasures creativity. It allows a mind like mine to flourish. Any artist will tell you that being creative isn’t easy, it takes discipline and hard work. Public Relations and Corporate Communications is no different. It isn’t an easy job, in many ways it takes over your life. It requires you to be on top of everything. But if you’re like me. If you strive on being creative, if you enjoy to write, if you enjoy coming up with different strategies and planning events, then at least you’ll be doing something you enjoy.

And at the end of the day I would rather be stressed about something I love, over being bored out of my mind any day of the week.




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